REBEL COCK: This Fiery Scorpion Pepper sauce introduces the quite unique Trinidad Scorpion pepper blended with cayennes and lots of garlic.  Kick up your gumbo, chili, or add to any grilled meats or aware of the sting. HOT

The Honky Tonker: My favorite sauce, especially included the strapping country singer on the label, is a unique flavor focused blend of pepper to produce more taste than heat...chilli, burgers, soups, pizza, eggs and more...yee haw!!

The Deerslayer: This favorite is a chipotle, smoked red jalapeño blend creating a rich smokey flavor, great on meats, beans and marinades

The Mountain Woman: A favorite among cafe's and salsa verde lovers...meats, eggs, soups and probably even bloody Mary's (haven't tested that one yet)

The Mountain Man: Bursting with flavored lip searing heat, gives out an amazing aftertaste of heat from the habanero blend.






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